I shoot all my properties in a way that makes the home feel like a home. I avoid ultra-wide lenses that will distort and hide the true size of a home and instead focus on the detail and character of the space using the following steps:

1. I shoot 6-8 images per final photo at different exposures and with flash to cover all angles and ensure every part of the image looks natural. 

2. Those images are then blended and merged to produce the final images my clients see.

3. I incorporate a variety of "one pointers" - shots that are positioned head-on to the subject - in order to show the detail and character of the space. 


Using my editing process described above, I convert photos into the crisp and natural end result you'll see below.

Here are some examples showing my before and after editing process. Pull the slider to the right to view the original unedited photo. Pull the slider to the left to view the final edited image.